LungPLAN Benefits

LungPLAN enables healthcare professionals, financial experts, and administrators to generate predictive reports customized for their lung cancer early detection program within a short time after downloading the interactive spreadsheet and entering data.

Here are some key features that make LungPLAN robust and helpful. For more information see the LungPLAN Overview Brochure.


The model was created by a team of NLCRT medical, navigation, health systems, and financial experts. It has been field-tested by health systems and provides a framework for predicting lung cancer screening and nodule management program costs, resources, staffing, and patient volume.


The model is based on current evidence including data from the American College of Radiology Lung CT Screening Reporting & Data System (Lung-RADS) and the Lung Cancer Screening Registry.


You can download and use this expert spreadsheet for free at the National Lung Cancer Roundtable website. There are no licensing costs.


You can easily generate a customized financial report after downloading and entering data into the spreadsheet. A slideshow template will enable you to create and present a detailed business case.


You can make predictive financial models for building new lung cancer early detection programs or expanding existing programs. The model supports both Lung Cancer Screening and Nodule Management programs, independently or together.


The expert model is robust enough to characterize lung cancer early detection programs for all types of health systems. You can explore scenarios aligned with your health system’s goals and finances with ease.


You can independently model a nodule management program, a lung cancer screening program, or both together.